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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

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A great way to start playing Warhammer Age of SigmarEverything you need to learn in one box!Includes 18 push-fit Citadel miniatures that make up two perfect starter forces - the noble Stormcast Eternals and the vicious Kruleboyz..
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The sound of booming brass gongs and the appearance of huge clouds of thick, acrid smoke announces the entrance of the Clans Pestilens. The most vile and diseased of the Horned Rat’s progeny, they seek to rot the mortal realms in the name of the Great Corruptor. Everything that stands in their way w..
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She is the Mourning Bride, the Unrequited Queen, the Veiled Lady and the Mortarch of Grief. She is despair made manifest, gloom given form. She is Lady Olynder, and in her are bound all the sorrows and anguishes of the realms. Her power transcends the melancholic, for she exudes mind-crippling waves..
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Spirit Torments such as Crawlocke are entrusted with a duty Nagash considers vitally important – it is their role to capture the souls of transgressors, those who have escaped their due fate. A Spirit Torment draws its victim’s soul into its shacklegheist chains, heavy bonds forged of malefic iron a..
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Big, brutish and extremely violent, an Ogre stands over ten feet tall and is almost half as wide at the gut. His massively body is crowned by a snarling, bestial head, with very little in the way of a neck to divide the two. His powerful arms are as thick as a man's chest, and are capable of smashin..
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Warhammer Fantasy Orcs & Goblins Orc Warboss on Wyvern, Painted/Basecoated Metal Miniature without Base. Warboss not glued to Wyvern..
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Orc chariots are built by the Goblins and are not much more thana platform on wheels being pulled by the biggest boars theGoblins could find. This box set contains one Boar Chariot withtwo riders. All models are to 28mm scale and will need assemblyand painting...
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